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How to Improve Love Based on the Percentage Range

90% and above:

Congratulations! You two are a perfect match made in heaven. To keep your love strong, continue to cherish and appreciate each other. Regularly express your love and affection, and be open and honest in your communication.

70% to 89%:

You have a strong connection, and love is in the air. To nurture your bond, engage in shared activities, surprise each other with thoughtful gestures, and actively listen to one another's feelings.

50% to 69%:

There's potential for love to grow. Invest time in understanding each other better, and work on building trust and mutual respect. Focus on the positives and support each other's dreams and aspirations.

Below 50%:

It seems like a bit of work is needed to build love. Take this as an opportunity to strengthen your bond. Communicate openly about your feelings and concerns, and seek professional help if necessary.

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